Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Load Resume Shrlevel Change Behavior


Usually, I find it very hard to complain about the DB2 manuals, since they are rather detailed, but as for the load utility, I could not find in the manuals any description of the actual behavior when using resume yes shrlevel change.

Some questions I could not find answers to in the manual were
1) Which part of the data is available for concurrent access? only the data that existed in the table prior to the beginning of the utility, or the data that was actually being loaded?
2) Is the loaded data available for read only or also for updates?
3) Does DB2 perform internal commits to make the data available? if so, what is the frequency of these commits and how is the frequency calculated?
4) Is it possible that the load utility will experience a lock escalation?

I will try to answer these questions in the upcoming posts so stay tunned

To Be Continued...

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