Sunday, October 18, 2009

DB2CFIMP / Configuration Assistant hangs when importing


Just a little problem with the DB2 LUW client I faced today. I needed to copy the database manager configuration from one server to another. I used DB2CFEXP in order to export the configuration at the source instance, and then tried to import it using DB2CFIMP on the target instance.

The DB2CFIMP utility just froze and I was getting no reply for several minutes. I tried to perform the same import operation using the DB2 Configuration Assistant but it couldn't do it also (giving me the processing window with the little wheels).

When I tried to do achieve the same result using catalog node command through the clp, I got an error message indicating my user is not authorized.
Once I logged in using an authorized user, I was able to perform the import using both db2cfimp and the configuration assistant (and it took a fraction of a second).

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